Sacred Spaces Healing Intensive Program

Welcome to the Sacred Spaces Healing Intensive Program (SSHIP), a 6-month experience of deep healing, emotional clarity, liberation, connection and community where soul-centered individuals who are here to change lives: build community, re-connect to their innate guidance, restore trust in themselves, reclaim their voice and create unstoppable enthusiasm for taking daily inspired action in service to their vision.

Sacred Spaces Healing Intensive is a high-impact group Mastermind with personalized guidance for a maximum of 15 selected participants.

This Program Is For You If You:

  • Are a Visionary, Healer, Seer, Minister, Coach, Master Teacher, Trainer, Soul-Centered Entrepreneur/Leader or Individual who have a vision to impact lives globally
  • Have been on your “assignment”, fully engaged in your work of making a difference in other people’s lives
  • Are ready to be fully engaged
  • Have reached the place where you need the help of others to effectively expand your reach
  • Value connection
  • Are willing to look deeper and gain greater awareness
  • Are willing to let go of what doesn’t serve you, and
  • Are committed to learning how to self-partner and become your own best friend

Do You Struggle With:

  • Feeling alone and unsupported, giving more than you’re receiving?
  • Feeling tired, but being driven, often giving until you can’t give anymore?
  • Worrying how to pay your bills, care for your family and invest in yourself and your vision?
  • Having clear boundaries?
  • Rationalizing that as long as you can continue to help others, even if you can’t help yourself the way you want, you will be ok?
  • Feeling other people’s pain so deeply and not knowing what to do with it that you have used work, sex, drugs, alcohol, medication, retail therapy, religion or spirituality to dull the pain?
  • Knowing you can’t do this alone, but you don’t know where to turn, so you do what you know. You keep pushing knowing a door will open?
  • Having big dreams and still find yourself playing small operating at 60% of your true capability?


I invite you to enter into our Sacred Spaces Wisdom Keepers community where you will learn how to write your own story by:

  • Gently embracing all of you,
  • Deeply listening to the wounded, disconnected and disowned voices that show up as anxiety, rage, anger, depression and helplessness in your world,
  • Accessing your innate guidance and trusting yourself to act on what you know in real-time to better your circumstances and your relationships,
  • Deeply honoring and holding you in high regard,
  • Gaining a deeper level of emotional mastery and dimensional clarity, and
  • Expanding your capacity to serve and be well-supported in your service

Our Sacred Spaces Healing Intensive Program Include…

  • 1 60-Minute 1:1 Discovery/Vision Breakthrough Session with Carlenia before the group meets
  • 3 90-Minute Virtual Mastermind Sessions/month with Carlenia & other experts (via Zoom)
  • 1 15-Minute Emergency Laser Coaching Session with Carlenia
  • Full In-Person VIP Days of Sacred Spaces Immersion Training

At The End of Your 6-Month Journey You Will Know How To:

  • Handle your emotional triggers,
  • Create clear boundaries in your relationships and around work & play,
  • Harness, control and direct your energy in ways that support your vision,
  • Develop mutually beneficial relationships where you feel supported,
  • Increase your capacity to receive,
  • Access a Higher Order of Wisdom that operates in real-time,
  • Experience personal breakthroughs in patterns that have kept you stuck,
  • Speak authentically without regard for permission, agreement or authority,
  • Be an open and vulnerable part of a sacred community that supports you through your breakdowns and breakthroughs,
  • Access a place of deep peace no matter where you are, who you are with or what situation you are facing

Click the Link Below to Book A Complimentary 30-Minute Connection Session with Carlenia NOW to find out if this is a fit for where you are in your journey.

Sacred Spaces literally saved my life at a time when my heart was in pieces and I didn’t know where to turn for answers.  As a result of my ignorance I was in deep pain.  A pain that would subside from time to time but not go away and this was after years of personal development, healing and teaching.

Ignorance can’t love anything.  Knowledge is the 1st step to love.  I love you and you love me and we are going to do something that will benefit the whole.

Before I understood where I was, who I was and what I was dealing with, I kept taking hits until the last one took me down.  My ability to get back up was severely threatened. I survived due to those who came for me, had always stood by me and gave me strength to keep going when I was sure I could not make it another day (My spiritually cultivated ancestresses and ancestors).  READ MORE

Click the Link Below to Book A Complimentary 30-Minute Connection Session with Carlenia NOW.

Let’s connect and discover together if the Sacred Spaces Healing Intensive holds another key to open the Wisdom Pool Gateway for you in your Journey at this point in time.

I invite you to become a part of our Sacred Spaces Wisdom Keeper Community and finally discover the power of being in a community of healers, seers, teachers, coaches, trainers and soul-centered entrepreneurs who have come out of hiding and are committed to their own healing, walking in alignment with their assignment and supporting you.

Sis, when will you raise your hand in support of you?

Let’s have a conversation and see if the Sacred Spaces Healing Intensive Program is a fit for you and how we can get you enrolled today and back on track to creating the life you desire.