A few words from my clients ..

Client in Kansas

A coach, speaker, artist and visionary who wanted to host a workshop for over a year and a half, but struggled with the pain of feeling as if she were a failure, unloved and alone. She also struggled with asking and receiving money from her clients. She wanted to experience being supported, valued and loved. One week after completing our Clarity Program, she hosted her first paid workshop which we designed during her last coaching session. Within that hour session we also created an outline for a second program that would allow her clients to engage in applying what she taught at a deeper level. Opportunities began organically unfolding for her to conduct a workshop for a group of managers and instructors who ran a local recreation center. They loved it and offered her a contract to work with the youth. During this time, she also took advantage of an opportunity to sign up to speak on stage at a local TEDx event. She was selected and gave a message about what can happen when you Embrace the Journey.

Client in DC

You have poured so many healing crystals into my being, I tell you. I love being in your presence. The energy is so dynamic.

I’m all teary eyed and filled with joy for both of us. As soon as my client offered to pay half up front, my first thoughts were about alignment-this guy usually waits until April to file, next Spirit gave me clear instructions to check on you and the family. God is love and I am being healed by serving others. Every time I think about your testimonies about being blessed while serving others it’s a reminder to me. Wow!! We were just standing in agreement about the divine operating in exceedingly, abundantly, beyond and…that guy just texted me and wants his friend’s taxes done too. Whew!! My cup is full of joy, not because of $$ but because of how our needs are met. I am learning that riches come in many forms. When we least expect…I got chills. I’m praying… create/creators … Ummph!!

God is showing up like fire!! I have 2 tax clients to take care of tomorrow. Gotta gear up. Maybe this is my answer that I should keep the house and not look back. (She kept the house…)

The strongest part of your healing in me, is not rejecting me. Your higher self invites me to fellowship and lay down my broken pieces in front of you. It’s like I show up to you and ask ‘so Dr. Springer, how do I fill in these holes?’ The divine in you gave me the answer ‘start within’. As a student I am willing to heal but like you told me ‘Don’t make the journey long, just do the work.’ For that, I am grateful.

God is showing up 4 my son too. He was invited to an event as a vendor for free and got $300 in sales. He is getting hits on his site too. Thank you for taking the risk to be seen. I heard your interview with Kama and MWhy Radio, what resonated most about yanking off the fear yoke, was you risked being seen in the present moment. Delightful, tasty, powerful, positive.

Client in Maryland

Your knowledge and experience of spiritual awareness has brought clarity, self-confidence, awareness and the importance of being in the present. Your introspective assignments were thought provoking and revealing. Each time I became more committed to achieving a higher level of spiritual awareness. Doing introspective work is serious and sometimes painful but what you get out of it is an amazing liberating feeling. What I truly appreciate about you is that throughout the assignments and the entire process of learning and challenges you were always there whenever I needed you. You have given of yourself on countless occasions, always helping me to understand and recognize the lesson in each experience. As a mentor, you challenge me to act on my dreams and to have confidence that the Universe will make a way, even when it doesn’t appear that there is a way. You are a true friend, you lift me up, inspire and respect me and you hold me accountable. You are sincere, truthful and honest. I am so proud to call you my coach, mentor and friend.