The Kidz of the Kosmoz Project

“A Cosmic Call To The Guardians, It’s Time To Rise!”


Dreams were my first teacher, the one who reminded me that things were not as they appeared. They connected me to a world of freedom. I could see things there before they happened here, but I had no frame of reference for my experiences. Growing up under strong suppression with no boundaries, no sense of self, no voice, it was always my First Teacher who reminded me that things were not as they appeared & commanded me to not shut down.

At the most unexpected times, I encountered the other world through people sharing their own experiences of the unseen with me. Many years later I realized I was here to help children like myself and the inner child of those adults who grew up hiding who they were but knew they were called to a greater purpose. This project is the birthing of that vision.

The vision of gathering the ones who recall a ‘time before time’, from all over the world to share their memories (past and future), knowledge & wisdom to heal and remedy the atrocities taking place on the planet through embracing who they are and walking boldly in their assignment.


Born of another place and time, the guardians are being called to gather as they have many times before, to rise up out of the storm of deception, endless suffering and the negative agendas of those feeding on the energy of the ones who no longer remember Cosmic Law (The Supreme Being’s Order). You are the keepers of an ‘ancient’ wisdom, called by many names (Indigo, Star Seed, Light Worker, Prophet, Seer, etc.), all Kidz of the Kosmoz who experience life in totality and understand we are connected to everything & everyone.

It is because of who we are as spirits possessing a body we have the ability to repel any attempt by another spirit whether in or out of a body to overpower us and take possession of our thoughts and actions without our conscious consent.


  • To take our experiences out of the realms of the superstitious and certain religious, mental health & medical establishments and bring the dialogue to our everyday conversation.
  • To re-establish divine order on the planet.
  • To connect and share wisdom & solutions with those who are here to change the game.
  • We recognize that denying the strongest part of our reality as humans, is a major contribution to the mental imbalance, violence & suppression in all forms from the president’s bully pulpit to our inner bully, we can transform our experiences and re-establish true balance, authentic connection, a deep respect for life & the Supreme Being’s ORDER.


I had the opportunity to do a 3-hr. empowerment workshop, for young girls ages 11-14. I invited one of my mentors to participate. I had no idea she was going to tell the girls I was the metaphysical mom.

That was actually my email, never how I introduced myself. We weren’t scripted and I just had to flow with the children and their high energy. I asked if any of them had experienced something where they gained information, they had no logical way of knowing or saw something before it happened. Their hands flew into the air as we listened for almost an hour and a half about their experiences with dreams, visions, deja vu, and much more.

One young lady stood out to me. She was quiet, hadn’t said anything and her friend pointed out she had something to share. She lived with her dad, her mom had some challenges she said she told her dad she was a prophet. He told her it was her imagination.

I asked if they went to church. Her response was no, but she knew she was a prophet and her dad didn’t understand. Her silence, maturity, and conviction left a lasting impression.

Born into a challenging situation with parents who didn’t understand the magnitude of the spirit they brought into the world; a child whose Wisdom could bring them perspective and solutions but whose voice they could not hear.

The children were so hungry for a space to share and as they shared they sparked their friends’ memories. The entire energy in the space was lifted. Their mentors said no one had been able to keep their attention beyond an hour. I didn’t keep their attention. I asked a question that opened up a space within them that was literally dying to be fed.

That energy misdirected looks like restlessness, bullying & being bullied in all its forms from the negative ways we see ourselves, to the bullies, in school, on the job, at home or the circumstances we’re facing that seem to keep us in a place of helplessness.

We are a force to be reckoned with. When we teach our children to embrace their experiences we shift the energy from drama & disruption to creativity & production!