The Sacred Spaces Wisdom Guide To Using Your Own Medicine To Eliminate Pain, Reconnect With Your Intuition & Reclaim Your Voice.


Are you a SMART, POWERFUL woman who has been silenced in your intimate relationship?

When people see you looking well put together can they also detect you trying to pick up the pieces of your shattered heart?

Are you struggling with feelings of:

✓ Overwhelm ✓ Helplessness
✓ Guilt ✓ Grief
✓ Shame ✓ Betrayal
✓ Anger/Rage/Anxiety

Download Your “Sacred Spaces Wisdom Guide to Using Your Own Medicine” NOW to discover the exact inner and outer steps you need to take in order to become your own best friend and by default up-level your relationship with everyone in your space! (Shh! Here’s a little secret…the people in your space will either rise up to meet you or they will remove themselves from your life)

In This Sacred Spaces Wisdom Guide You’ll Learn:

✓ How to connect deeply to your heart and release the pain
✓ How to recognize and handle emotional triggers effectively
✓ How to shift your perception of negative circumstances and take inspired action to create empowered circumstances
✓ How to trust and act on your intuitive guidance naturally
✓ How to develop a loving and compassionate relationship with yourself and organically attract life-enhancing relationships


What Others Are Saying

C. Petersen, Maryland

Your knowledge and experience of spiritual awareness has brought clarity, self-confidence, awareness and the importance of being in the present. Your introspective assignments were thought provoking and revealing. Each time I became more committed to achieving a higher level of spiritual awareness. Doing introspective work is serious and sometimes painful but what you get out of it is an amazing liberating feeling.

C. Cobey-Thomas, Maryland

You have poured so many healing crystals into my being, I tell you. I love being in your presence. The energy is so dynamic.

I’m all teary eyed and filled with joy for both of us. As soon as my client offered to pay half up front, my first thoughts were about alignment-this guy usually waits until April to file, next Spirit gave me clear instructions to check on you and the family. God is love and I am being healed by serving others. Every time I think about your testimonies about being blessed while serving others it’s a reminder to me. Wow!! We were just standing in agreement about the divine operating in exceedingly, abundantly, beyond and…that guy just texted me and wants his friend’s taxes done too. Whew!! My cup is full of joy, not because of $$ but because of how our needs are met. I am learning that riches come in many forms. When we least expect…I got chills. I’m praying… create/creators… Ummph!!

I invite you to become a part of our Sacred Spaces Wisdom Keeper Community and finally discover the power of being in a community of healers, teachers, coaches, trainers and soul-centered entrepreneurs who have come out of hiding and are committed to their own healing, walking in alignment with their assignment and empowering others to live their best lives.

When was the last time you wondered when will the pressure let up? When will the pain of abandonment, loss & betrayal ever go away? What do I do with the feelings of anger, rage and helplessness?

Click below to receive simple, practical tools that will support you in handling your anxiety in the moment, regardless of where you are or who you are with, release the constant suffering of helplessness, fragility, grief, depression, uncontrollable anger and create a space of healing within where it is safe to nurture, see and hear all of your voices with compassion and love. When you see you, those in your world will see you.



About Carlenia Springer

Spiritual Teacher, Author, Speaker & Founder of
Destiny Embraced & The Sacred Spaces Movement

Hi, I’m Carlenia Springer and I’m passionate about helping people uncover the Wisdom lying right beneath the pain we’ve been taught to push away, suck up or dismiss. It is those very voices screaming for our attention that we perceive as anxiety. They are the disowned, wounded, disconnected parts of us that have no idea that they are not alone. They have no knowledge of the Supreme Being.

They’ve been buried a long time and we haven’t heard them and so they reach out to the ones closest to us, reaching desperately, sometimes clawing to get our attention. Unfortunately because we don’t recognize our own voices we see and hear their reflection in our intimate partners, closest friends and family members as the things we blame them for and don’t like about them.

As we gain greater awareness we recognize they are simply a reflection of our deepest wounds. If we turn our attention towards our wounds, we heal. We literally feel to heal. Our pain cannot withstand the power of our Presence.

I want you to know that under your pain is the Wisdom Pool Gateway. You access Soul in a way you can trust its whispers and guidance. The entire purpose of Destiny Embraced and The Sacred Spaces Movement is to Reconnect you to Soul, your Inner Teacher, God and Guide called many different names across time, space and religion from: God, the Universe, Ether, Spirit, Mother, Father, Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, Christ Consciousness, Vodun, Nyame and Nyamewaa, Amen and Amenet, the oldest recorded name for the Supreme Being embodying the masculine and feminine aspects of the Supreme Being, one could not exist without the other.