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Elemental Wisdom

We carry the wisdom of all the elements within us. There is a dominant Wisdom we carry that corresponds with our purpose and provides us the tools we need in order to walk in alignment with our Soul assignment. We are keepers of an Ancient Wisdom passed down through the ages to remind humanity of her cosmic heritage.

Earth Wisdom

Born in years ending in 0 or 5, Earth people are warm, welcoming and engaging. As part of the community, they are always reaching out to make sure everyone is okay. Because of their disposition, it can become easy for other members of the community to assume they are okay. Their pain is that although they create space for others to feel at home, they can find themselves feeling as if they don’t have anywhere to go that they can truly call home.

Water Wisdom

Born in years ending in 1 or 6, Water bearers are the mediators, the peacemakers. People in the community often look to them for guidance when they experience a disruption in their lives. When water bearers have no place for their gifts to be received the energy becomes one of a tsunami causing major disruptions in their relationships.

Fire Wisdom

Born in years ending in 2 or 7, Fire people bring messages from Spirit (the ancestral realm) to the community. When their gifts are not honored the energy becomes an inferno, a destructive energy, burning everything in its path.

Nature’s Wisdom

Born in years ending in 3 or 8, Nature people have deep compassion for others. They understand the pain that people are experiencing and know how to read the library of nature to find the particular medicine to heal the pain. They are givers and people will take oftentimes draining them because they don’t know how to ask for what they need or to say no, I need time to rejuvenate. They are known as the “wounded” healer.

Mineral Wisdom

Born in years ending in 4 or 9, Mineral people are the wisdom keepers, the griots, the ones who hold the stories, the trustory’s (true stories) of the community. They remind us of our connection to an ancient past. When Mineral people have no place to share their gifts, the gift becomes destructive resulting in gossip, chaos and confusion.

Heart Space

Dedicated to the mystics, visionaries, seers, prophets, time travelers past and present who remember a time before time and those who today walk among us still traveling through time.

To those who had to hide their true identity for fear of being annihilated, erased, dismissed or destroyed.

To our children who see through the illusion of the solidity of worlds and have abilities no one in their circle understands….

You are the Wisdom Keepers. The holders of an Ancient knowledge passed down through the ages and across timelines reminding humanity of her cosmic heritage.

The true masters of the universe, the “creators of worlds majestic and fair, you created worlds with wisdom in the air, waters that vibrated with vision song streaming through the dimensions ages long.”

I see you. I hear your cries in the darkness & your plea to be heard and acknowledged. You do not walk alone.

It’s time to embark on a journey of reintegration come home, embrace all of you and step into your Advanced Directive.

Your presence here is not by accident. You chose to be born for such a time as this.

How would your life be different if you were born into a community who knew your gifts, honored your purpose and nurtured you in a way that allowed your gifts to naturally unfold?

In the Dagara cosmology (tradition), everyone in the community is born knowing their purpose and is grouped according to the 5 elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Nature, and Mineral. Each element carries a gift and a corresponding pain when the gift has no place to be shared.

Children are welcomed into the community. Even before a child is born the spirit of the child speaks through its mother telling the elders its purpose for coming into the community at that particular time. (Jeremiah 1:4-8 Before you were in the belly I knew you, before you came forth in the womb I sanctified you.) When the child reaches a certain age, the community comes together and the elders ask the child why is she/he here and they are always able to give the answer they gave before birth.

This was the community my friend and teacher Sobonfu Some, was born into. A community where she described there was no such thing as any one person “having a problem“. If you had a problem, the entire community had a problem and you were just a reflection of the problem. A messenger, a vessel, bringing awareness to the community that something was out of balance.   CONTINUE READING

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