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Creatress of Destiny Embraced & The Sacred Spaces Movement
Born Mystic|Visionary|Game Changer|Revolutionary

“I’d rather have my mind opened by wonder than closed by belief”Carlenia Springer

Carlenia Springer, Creatress of Destiny Embraced & The Sacred Spaces Movement, a Global Awareness Campaign, empowering men, women & children of African descent to take the time to make themselves a priority, to be able to hear & heal their heart. Her passion to help those of African descent embrace their intuitive nature, come home to themselves shattering painful emotional realities & make a difference in the world is inspired by her own journey. Carlenia holds a BA in Psychology. She is an Entrepreneur, Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Member of Black Belt Speakers and Co-Author of Amazon Best Seller “Live Your Best Life”.

To my soul-centered mystics, visionaries, seers, prophets, time travelers past and present who remember a time before time. To our children who see through the illusion of the solidity of worlds and have abilities no one in their circle understands…. You are the WISDOM KEEPERS. The holders of an Ancient knowledge passed down through the ages and across time-lines reminding humanity of her cosmic heritage. The true masters of the universe. I see you. I hear your cries in the darkness & your plea to be heard and acknowledged.


You do not walk alone. You have so much to give & the opposition has been intense. You know your brilliance, yet doubt your ability. It keeps you spinning in a pattern of abandonment, frustration & tremendous loss. You’ve felt the sting of being disrespected, unloved and feeling unworthy. You want more than anything to be secure, supported, loved & valued. But you have no idea where to begin, your heart hurts & just the thought of being vulnerable scares you into a place of silent retreat.

You’ve tried to settle for a life of mediocrity in order to survive but your spirit wants freedom and in your frustration you distract yourself with busyness (food, work, sex, self-medication, etc.). You know you’re not moving forward and every day it’s becoming more clear that your intention is to “wake up, survive & go to sleep”. You feel as if something doesn’t give you will lose your mind. Dear one, Soul is calling you home. It’s time to embark on a journey of reintegration, embrace all of you (the good and what you judge as bad) heal your heart’s pain and step into your Advanced Directive (soul’s purpose). Wisdom has much to share & she lies just beneath your pain awaiting your discovery.

Your presence here is not by accident. Destiny Embraced is here as a mid-wife facilitating your healing & the birthing of your vision. There are many going through what you are experiencing who don’t have your knowledge or wisdom. These are the ones assigned to you, without your voice, they have no vision and without a vision they are giving up every day.

Whatever you do, DO NOT SHUT DOWN. This world needs you standing in your power. We need your love. We need your wisdom. We need you to survive. We are on a mission to restore justice to planet Earth and you are a very important part of that mission. Soul is calling you into a place where the broken and shattered pieces of your life can be restored if you’re willing to submit to the journey.

There is a natural rhythm with which you walk in this world. With laser focus, strategic planning and accountability combined with tuning into your INNATE WISDOM acknowledging the wisdom of your ancestors and ancestresses and those Spirit Forces in creation, you will begin to create small shifts that will support a quantum shift in your life.

We exist to support those of you whose voices have been silenced in your intimate relationships to Reconnect with your Intuition, Reclaim your true Identity and Restore your ability to trust. As a result of working with us our clients are liberated, attract loving relationships and launch movements that change lives. We craft spaces for your voice to be heard. We invite you to become part of our Sacred Spaces community.


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